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About Us

Hi I'm James

My mother used to call me nature boy because of my hatred for clothing and love for the outdoors. Although my willingness to wear clothes has changed, my passion for the outdoors burns stronger than ever.

I grew up in Surrey, British Columbia. In my younger years life was a balancing act. My insane levels of energy and dreamer mentality made school a struggle for me. I always felt like a square peg in a round hole. In high school my unhealthy obsession with sports, namely baseball, skiing and basketball kept me grounded and motivated me to get decent grades.

Fortunately, thanks to my abilities as an outfielder, I was awarded the opportunity to play baseball and attend McGill University in Montreal, Canada where I also completed a degree in Economics and Political Science. I loved my time in Montreal and being a student athlete but I wasn’t completely fulfilled. I missed the BC outdoors, especially the deep pow and chrome salmon. 

I moved back to British Columbia full time and took up a career in sales. It was in this time that my obsession and experiences in the outdoors really blossomed. Nothing feels better to me than being outside and my state of mind is always best when I’m breathing fresh mountain air. Weekends were great, but the work week was a struggle as all I could think about was the fishing, hiking, skiing or camping adventure that awaited me outside the office walls. I was finding success but was not truly happy.

I’m an information junkie and deep dive into anything I’m interested in. Some of my greatest satisfactions in life are teaching people to ski, guiding friends into their first salmon, or helping people conquer their first overnight backpacking trip. 

In 2021, I decided to take a leap of faith and take a shot at something I’ve always wanted to do, help more people find joy in the outdoors! It’s taken me years of research, practice and mistakes to become the outdoorsman I am today. I created Rise & Alpine so I could share my experiences with the world and help speed up the learning curve so others can be empowered to improve their quality of life and mental health by spending more time outside.  

I’m so thankful that you found this website and I truly hope it becomes your go-to resource helping you to better enjoy Canada and our unbeatable backyard!

Honestly, You Just Cant Beat It!

rise and alpine

Our Mission

Rise & Alpine was created as resource for outdoors people from all backgrounds and experience levels. We create entertaining, inspiring and educating content on our website and youtube channel. Our dream is to help millions of people get excited about improving their quality of life by playing outside.

Dont Forget About Laura

Laura is my better half and adventure partner. We met in Vancouver and learned how to hike and backpack alongside each other. Laura is the brains of the operation and keeps me in check. She has an uncanny ability to find the best spots to hike and explore when we wind up in a new place. She’s an unbelievable human and when she isn’t hiking is spending time helping out with charitable organizations in Vancouver.  Laura is the only girl I know that embraces life in a 6.5ft truck bed and is just as eager as me to spend as much time as possible outside. 

Why We Rise?

OuR Mission

To inspire, motivate, and instill confidence in outdoors people and encouraging adventure in Canada’s big backyard. Regardless of background and experience we are on a mission to help ordinary people have extraordinary experiences. 

Rise & Alpine