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The 10 Best Snacks for Skiing and Snowboarding

I was recently out for a backcountry ski adventure with some buddies, and I marveled at their genius pocket snack selection. These lads were pulling out smoked coho salmon, homemade fruit leathers, and nuts I had never seen before nor could pronounce. Now these dudes are outliers, and I’m a supporter of keeping things stupid simple. But there’s one thing for certain: whether you’re ascending uphill all day for untouched powder or charging on the resort, skiing burns a tremendous amount of calories. 

In case you don’t believe skiing to be a form of exercise, go ahead and dive into the science.

Sure, you can stash a gourmet lunch in your backpack, but part of the joy of skiing at a resort is the freedom from carrying extra weight. Besides, skiing is already an expensive hobby, and for frequent weekend warriors, cutting costs wherever possible, especially on lodge meals, is part of a stupendous strategy.

Whether your aim is to keep your kids delighted, satisfy your partner’s hunger pangs, or simply keep yourself satiated and energized on the hill, pocket snacks are the clandestine key to a perfect ski day.

All I think about is food, so it was easy enough to compile the ultimate list of affordable pocket snacks for skiers and snowboarders.

Time to eat!


Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwiches

Of course, I had to start this list off with the snack (and lunch) that is closest to my heart in the mountains. On any given day, resort or backcountry skiing, I’ll have two PB&Js stuffed into my pockets. The more mushed the bread gets, the better. Also, remember to go heavy on the PB & the J, the more the merrier right. PB&J is cheap, stores easily, and provides fats, sugars, and carbs. Most importantly, it tastes absolutely phenomenal. Go ahead and stop reading right here and make yourself a pocket PB&J. Thank me later.

Trail Mix

Surprise, surprise, a bag of trail mix. It’s a classic choice for any outdoor adventure, for good reason. You can buy a big cheap bulk mix or customize it with nuts, seeds, dried fruits, candy, and chocolate. Trail mix is ideal for skiing because nuts are absolutely loaded with fat and protein and are extremely small. Nuts aren’t super cheap, but they are if you can control your portions (I usually can’t LOL). There’s more calories in nuts than you think, so just pack a small baggy. Another secret of mine is to put some of my favorite breakfast cereal into the bag; I find it makes my trail mix go further, and I just simply love cereal.


Protein Bars

Don’t be afraid of protein, it’s not just reserved for juiced up bodybuilders. Compact and loaded with nutrients, protein/energy bars are perfect for a quick refueling. Opt for those with a balanced mix of carbs, protein, and healthy fats. Typically, these bars have a lot of sugar, and that’s totally cool; you want sugar on the mountain. My personal go-to is always the Cliff Builders Bars; I just love the taste.



I’m an absolute Jerky Junkie. I even make my own jerky in my dehydrator with salmon and beef. It’s packed with protein and easily portable, offering a savory and satisfying snack like no other. Jerky is on the expensive side, but, if you control your portions, you’re getting a lot of bang for your buck protein calories.

Dried Fruit

Dried fruits like apples, bananas, or dried mango slices provide a natural energy boost. They’re mess-free and provide a quick source of natural sugars. I recently bought a dehydrator and love picking apples from my friend’s tree and turning them into apple fruit leather!

Granola Bars

Sometimes I can’t afford protein bars, so I’ll opt for granola bars. Any granola bar will do. Try and grab something that has some nuts, protein, and not just sugar. My favorite is the sweet and salty peanut bars. I’m an absolute sucker for anything peanut butter, clearly.

Cheese Sticks or Cubes

Those cheese strings you always used to play with as a kid are making a comeback. There’s something that feels so gourmet about gnawing on a cheese string on the slopes. Cheese provides some protein and is a great break from all the salty and sweet snacks you’re probably taking down. One of my pro hacks is to mix a bag of pretzels, jerky and bring a cheese string for some budget ‘Chair Lift Charcuterie.’


Dark Chocolate

It’s a little hard to carry hot chocolate in your pocket, but we can’t forget about one of the world’s most amazing substances. Dark Chocolate is the best and is a treat that offers lots of fat, some sugar, and even caffeine in a small packable bar. There’s also just something about chocolate that raises your mood and energy on a long day.



You can’t go wrong with candy. Nothing brings the spirits up like some sour gummies on the skin track. Y’all know I’m always packing hot sauce, but hiding somewhere in my coat are always some gummy candies. My favourite candy on earth right now for skiing are the sweet 16 classic sour candy mix. Closest thing to classic penny candies :).


Get Snackin’

Pocket snacks can sometimes be the glue that makes a tough ski day good. Keep those pockets packed and always be prepared for those hunger pangs.

See Ya On The Slopes.

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