Insta 360 One X2 Camera Review for Skiing & Snowboarding

The insta 360 ONE X2 has completely revolutionized the action camera space. It’s like having a film crew in your pocket enabling the capture of crisp buttery smooth footage on the slopes all day long. I’ve used a plethora of action cameras over my many years of filming skiing and snowboarding and I can honestly […]

How To Ski In Spring – 15 Tips For a Spectacular Spring Day On The Slopes

Slashing slush, stomping tricks, slugging beers and scissoring moguls. And doing all of this, in a t-shirt, shorts and maybe even in the buff. Spring skiing is lighthearted, relaxed, and loads of fun. Just because the powder has perished and the snow is receding it does not mean that you need to stop shredding and […]

HEART STRINGS – Duffey Lake Backcountry Skiing Guide

Heart Strings is a must-do classic in the Duffy Lake Area. If you love ski touring and don’t know the Duffy Lake Area, YOU SHOULD! It’s a magical zone Northeast of Pemberton and is home to a lifetime of backcountry skiing opportunities. Heart Strings is one of the busiest day trips in the region and […]

GIN PEAK via Hanging Lake – Backcountry Skiing Guide

Gin Peak is an extremely popular (but awesome) moderate single day ski tour accessed via the Whistler Olympic Park. The route is uncomplicated and the views are spectacular. It’s an ideal target for beginner, intermediate and expert ski tourers & splitboarders seeking great views and fabulous turns with moderate effort! There is plenty of variety […]

Buying a New Ski Helmet – Find the Right Fit, Features & Style

How to Buy The Right Ski Helmet, Fit, Function, Features & Style - 2022/023 Guide!

I’m so thrilled you found this article. It means that you want to protect your brain bits and are thinking about buying or upgrading your current helmet. THIS IS AMAZING. Skiing and Snowboarding is the best hobby in the world, but, its inherently dangerous. You only get one brain and protecting your noggin is of […]

Whistler vs Blackcomb | Which Mountain is Better?

Believe it or not, Whistler and Blackcomb used to be completely separate mountains and didn’t officially merge until 1997. Whistler and Blackcomb were born rivals from the start. Blackcomb mountain officially opened on December 6, 1980 and Whistler skiers instantly began referring to Blackcomb as the ‘Dark Side’. The rivalry wasn’t all bad. It actually […]

A Local’s Guide to Skiing FLUTE BOWL in Whistler

Beautiful views of Oboe and Musical Bumps from Flute Summit, Whistler Blackcomb, Flute Bowl HIke

How To Ski Whistler’s Flute Bowl If you’ve ever been on the Symphony Chair at Whistler Mountain you likely noticed the monstrous bowl just to the left of the lift. All day long you can spot skiers hiking up the ridge on the hunt for perfect powder turns beneath. Most visitors or those unfamiliar with […]

Whistler Blackcomb Triple Black Diamond Runs

Looking out beyond the blackcomb glacier

Wait. What? I thought triple blacks only existed in the realm of unicorns and sorcerers. Well that’s what I thought until I started skiing at Whistler Blackcomb. Whistler Blackcomb has some of the gnarliest, steepest and most extreme in-bounds terrain I’ve ever encountered. Most ski areas would require you to put in some effort to […]

Avalanche Airbag Backpack Effectiveness | Are They Worth the Money?

We wear seatbelts in cars and life jackets in boats, so why aren’t all backcountry skiers strapping on Avalanche Airbags? Airbag’s are a contentious topic among backcountry enthusiasts. Frankly, the only thing the majority of experts can agree upon is that TERRAIN choice is always the root cause of deadly avalanche incidents. When it comes […]

Whistler Blackcomb’s Easiest Green Runs (A Beginners Guide to Skiing Whistler)

Whistler is a gigantic ski resort boasting over 8000 acres of skiable terrain. However, what the resort doesn’t mention is that the vast majority of this terrain is only accessible to advanced and expert skiers. Although it’s intimidating, it doesn’t mean that beginner riders should stay clear from Whistler Blackcomb all together. Novice skiers can […]