The Unwritten Rules Of Skiing Whistler

We’ve all read the alpine responsibility code. It’s written on the back of all of our ski passes and is plastered on chairlift poles. They are common sense responsibilities that keep people safe and are second nature to most long time skiers. Without the code, would ski resorts be anarchic? Probably not, but there are […]

16 Skiing Myths Debunked

Skiers are some of the best storytellers I know. Frankly, I can’t wait until I’ve got grey hair and can start telling old man stories to my friends and grandkids. There are a lot of common misconceptions in skiing, and in this post, I’m going to debunk them. Let’s do some Myth Busting!   Myth: […]

The 10 Best Snacks for Skiing and Snowboarding

I was recently out for a backcountry ski adventure with some buddies, and I marveled at their genius pocket snack selection. These lads were pulling out smoked coho salmon, homemade fruit leathers, and nuts I had never seen before nor could pronounce. Now these dudes are outliers, and I’m a supporter of keeping things stupid […]

Red Mountain Ski Resort Review & Guide

The entire town of Rossland lives and breathes powder skiing. I’m not sure you’ll come by another mountain with vibes and a community this good. It’s the kind of place you can find powder stashed 4 days after snowfall, the kind of place you can show up alone and leave with 2 new best ski […]

Whitewater Resort Review & Ski Guide

Hey You. Are you looking for Canada’s driest and deepest tree skiing???  Well, say hello to my little friend… Whitewater Ski Resort. This place is heaven on earth. It’s situated in the Selkirk mountains, a 25 minute drive outside of Nelson, BC. It’s old school and hasn’t been affected by the ski industry monopolies (you […]

Kicking Horse Mountain Resort Ski Review & Guide

Puckered. That’s probably the best word to describe Kicking Horse Mountain Resort. This place is absolutely bonkers and is a steep freaks heaven. There are 85 marked chutes, even more cliff drops, and a few seasons worth of exploration for adventurous skiers and boarders. Kicking Horse is the wild west of British Columbia resort skiing […]

Revelstoke Mountain Resort Ski Review & Guide

Revelstoke Mountain Resort. It’s been the talk of the town the last 5 years with a lot of pro riders and powder maniacs making the powder pilgrimage and flopping themselves between the Selkirk mountains. It’s known for its vertical drop, deep, dry and bottomless powder days and the endless backcountry terrain just a stones throw […]

Video Peak – Rogers Pass Backcountry Ski Guide, Revelstoke BC

Video Peak Ski Tour, Rogers Pass, Hospital Bowl

Video Peak’s SE face is one of the most legendary (and accessible) lines in Rogers Pass and needs to be on your backcountry bucket list. At 2565m it boasts over 550m of perfect 35 degree, heli-esque, open alpine turns, followed by another 700m of playful pow turns, pillows and trees right back down to the […]

Vantage Peak – Duffey Lake Backcountry Skiing Guide, Pemberton BC

Staring at Joffre peak and Mt Matier

Nothing beats a day ski touring on the Duffey. Vantage Peak is absolutely breathtaking and provides access to world class pow skiing lines. On a sunny day, the Keiths Hut area is one of my absolute favourites to play in. This zone is like a portal to Alaska and is just a few hours from […]

How to ski Blackcomb if you only have one day – Blackcomb Ski Guide/Strategy

Have you ever tried counting to 8,171? Probably not. I sure as hell haven’t… To be honest, I can’t even remember the last time I counted past twenty, or if I even can. Anyways, this blog post isn’t about my lack of numerical literacy. Eight thousand is an important because that’s how many acres of […]