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How To Re-Waterproof, Clean and Maintain Ski Jackets & Pants

No one likes feeling damp, wet, and cold… Staying dry on the ski resort or in the backcountry is the key to enjoying every turn and skiing/riding every ounce of fun out of a day on the mountain. Most of us ski and snowboard junkies wear ski jackets or shells with some level of water repellency and breathability allowing us to keep our temperature regulated while staying dry.

Nothing beats the feeling of watching beads of water repel off a brand new rain jacket and pants. However, the more you ski and wear your gear, the less water repellent it will become. Dirt, body oils, sweat, food residue and even smoke can build up on your jacket and cover the once so spectacular water repelling properties.

Think about your ski jacket and pants for a second. Have you ever noticed damp spots on your ski jacket or pants when you finish your day? Where were those spots located?

Your answer was likely a yes, unless you have brand new gear or already have a fabulous gear maintenance routine. Wet spots are typically located in areas that most often come into contact with other surfaces. Ski jackets usually tend to lose water proofing on the shoulders and back area before the front and ski pants on the bum.

No matter how expensive or how waterproof you ski jacket is, water repellency will only last so long before it needs to be revitalized.

A clean jacket is the answer! But regular old laundry soap won’t do, it will actually make matters worse. Some of the properties in detergent will actually leave behind residue that encourages water to bond with your coat.


My SECRET to RE-WATERPROOFING my jacket and pants is using NikWax Tech Wash.


When Is It Time To Wash Your Ski Jacket & Pants?


They Are Dirty

Similar to your everyday clothes, if it’s getting dirty, give it a clean. Undesirable odors, food stains, tree sap, and even beer stains from that delicious mountain top pint may all be affecting your jackets performance.


They Are Getting Wet

If your jacket starts absorbing noticeable amounts of water instead of repelling it’s time for a wash. This water absorbance is known as “wetting out”, and affects the water repellency  and breathability of you jacket or shell. The reduction in breathability will also stop moisture from escaping causing an overload of sweat in the inside of your jacket. I would rather be wet with snow than wet with sweat, but both suck.


How to Re-waterproofing ski gear using NikWax Tech Wash


Who Uses NikWax Tech Wash?

EVERYONE! No joke, the entire industry swears by this stuff, myself included. Patagonia and Helly Hansen two of the largest ski outerwear manufacturers both recommend using NikWax to clean their Gore-Tex and waterproof products.


How To Clean and Re-Waterproof Ski Jackets and Pants With NikWax


Read Garment Care Label

The first step is to read the care label on your garment. The tag will distinguish whether/how you can wash and dry your jacket and pants in a machine or have to do it all by hand. If you fail to follow the instructions on the care label you are at risk of damaging your favourite gear.



Remove Everything From Pockets

My ski jacket and pants are practically storage lockers. I’ve got camera mounts, food wrappers, lip balm, goggle wipes, lift passes, a whistle and just about anything else I might need for a day. Make sure to remove everything from your pockets (especially that lip balm) because it can potentially ruin gear.


Top Loading Washing Machine Instructions

  1. Place a maximum of 6 garments in the washing machine (you may as well grab all your families gear or offer to water-proof some of your friends stuff!)
  2. After the machine is filled add
    1. 150ml of NikWax Tech Wash for 1-3 garments, low water level
    2. 250ml of NikWax Tech Wash for 4-6 garments, medium water level
  3. Set the cycle to Heavy and Warm


How to Re-waterproofing ski gear using NikWax Tech Wash


Front Loading Washing Machine Instructions

  1. Remove/wipe all detergent residue from dispenser
  2. Place maximum of 2 garments in the machine
  3. Add 100ml of NikWax Tech Wash
  4. Set cycle to Synthetics and Warm



How to Re-waterproofing ski gear using NikWax Tech Wash


Hand Wash Instructions

  1. Wear Gloves
  2. Immerse item(s) in hand-hot water in bowl or clean sink
  3. Add 50ml of NikWax tech wash, agitate and mix on clothes
  4. Rinse 3 times with clean water



You can hang to dry or tumble dry on a low setting if the care label on the jacket allows


How to Re-waterproofing ski gear using NikWax Tech Wash


That’s all there is to it folks. It’s as easy as doing your laundry! Which admittedly I don’t do very often…. Anyhow It’s time for you to purchase some NikWax and revitalize your favourite jacket and pants. Trust me, it’s going to make a world of a difference.



Stay Dry & Enjoy Those Turns!


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