A Beginners Guide To Overnight Hiking (Backpacking) in BC, Canada | How To Get Started

There is no better feeling than spending a night among the stars in the beautiful BC backcountry. British Columbia is home to some of North America’s best backpacking opportunities, pristine parks and diverse terrain. From the West Coast Trail Stretching Vancouver Island’s Coastline to Mt Assiniboine Provincial park, there are never ending opportunities for hiking […]

A Hikers Guide to Gaiters: How They Function & Why You Should Use Them

Hiking Gaiter Guide, How to Choose Hiking Gaiters, What are hiking gaiters,

Backpacking is DIRTY and I love the feeling of exhausting myself and toughing the elements on route to my destination. But, as much as I love getting dirty on the trail, I don’t love when dirt and water get into my boots. Snow, dirt, water and pebbles are crafty and can manage their way into […]

How To Choose The Right Hiking & Backpacking Stove – Liquid vs Gas

Overnight Backpacking trips are always the highlights of my summer. Once the ski season ends I’m itching to throw that big clunky pack onto my back and explore BC’s beautiful backcountry once again. The hiking itself, the views, and the seclusion are obviously highlights, but it’s the entire experience that makes backpacking so special. One […]

How To Re-Waterproof, Clean and Maintain Ski Jackets & Pants

No one likes feeling damp, wet, and cold… Staying dry on the ski resort or in the backcountry is the key to enjoying every turn and skiing/riding every ounce of fun out of a day on the mountain. Most of us ski and snowboard junkies wear ski jackets or shells with some level of water […]

Spot X Review 2022/2023 – Pros and Cons After 2 Years

Reviewing The Spot X Satellite Communicator

Whether I’m trekking, day hiking, skiing or fishing a remote river I always have my Spot X Satellite Communicator in my backpack. In the backcountry, an SOS call and a timely rescue could make the difference between living and dying. Carrying a satellite communicator should be a requirement for anyone adventuring in the backcountry. Most […]

How To Pack For Overnight Hikes – A Beginners Guide

Getting ready for an overnight backpacking trip can be a daunting task for a first timer or a seasoned veteran. When packing for a hiking trip you need to find the perfect balance. Sometimes this means forgoing some comforts for reduced pack weight. Listed below is all of the gear I carry when on the […]

‘The Car Camping Checklist’ – How to Pack for a Camping Trip

Car camping, as defined by me, is driving into a destination, and setting up camp. This is the most participated form of camping in the country with most users spending the night sleeping in a tent or in their vehicle. The other main forms of camping are backcountry (hike-in camping or using a trailer or […]

Backcountry Survival Kit Essentials

Having the proper survival gear with you could save your life if you run into some trouble in the backcountry. Everyone has their own preference in terms of weight and the safety gear they like to carry. At a minimum, regardless of your abilities and no matter the length of your wilderness adventure you should […]