The Sunshine Coast Trail – Complete Hiking Guide, Maps & Itineraries

The Sunshine Coast Hut-to-Hut Hiking Trail (SCT) is a 180-kilometer backcountry hiking trail located in Powell River, British Columbia. It’s Canada’s longest Hut-to-Hut hiking trail and it’s completely free! It spans North-South from Sarah Point in Desolation Sound meandering back to the ferry Terminal in Saltery Bay. The terrain on the SCT is absolutely breathtaking […]

LAZY BOY, Cayoosh Zone – Duffey Lake Backcountry Map & Skiing Guide

Lazy Boy, Cayoosh Mountain, Duffey Lake Ski Touring Guide, Pemberton BC

The Lazy Boy is an epic alpine bowl skiing paradise 30km East of Pemberton BC. It’s ideal for intermediate & advanced skiers and offers a plethora of wonderful alpine descents suitable for all tastes and risk tolerances. The two most popular descents are known as the ‘Lazy Boy’ and the ‘Laziest Boy’ which both boast […]

How to ski Blackcomb if you only have one day – Blackcomb Ski Guide/Strategy

Have you ever tried counting to 8,171? Probably not. I sure as hell haven’t… To be honest, I can’t even remember the last time I counted past twenty, or if I even can. Anyways, this blog post isn’t about my lack of numerical literacy. Eight thousand is an important because that’s how many acres of […]

13 Affordable Ski Gear Accessories & Upgrades

Top ski hacks

The world is polarized these days… thankfully there is a higher power that maintains harmony, peace, love, stoke but mainly… A great day shredding in the mountains! Okay, I admit, this whole maintaining the balance thing might be a little bit over the top. But I think we can all agree that a good day […]

15 Steps to Prepare for the Ski & Snowboard Season

Pack away your banana hammock because the leaves are dying, the temperatures are falling, and the precipitation is pummelling. Praise The Heavens. Summer’s great and all, but nothing beats champagne pow slapping you silly as you rip down an open mountain face.  So the offseason is almost over, what now? You’ve already bought/upgraded gear and […]

Hiking the Hermit Trail – Glacier National Park, BC

Hiking the Hermit Trail, Guide & Map, Hermit Trail Glacier National Park BC

No trip to Glacier National Park is complete without punishing your quads on the Hermit trail! The Hermit trail is a glorious hiking route which is very popular among backpackers looking for the perfect day hike or one night camping opportunity in the park. I would like to rename it  ‘Hermit’s Staircase’ as it makes […]

Cirque Lake Trail, Whistler BC – Hiking Map & Guide

Cirque Lake Trail, Whistler BC, Hiking Whistler

Cirque Lake. Have you ever heard of it. Probably not! It’s an absolute must do day-trip or overnight destination. It experiences much less traffic than most other trails in the sea to sky/Whistler area and offers very easy access to get deep into the wilderness. It is breathtaking and there are miles and miles of […]

Hiking the Perley Rock Trail – Glacier National Park, BC

Perley Rock hiking trail in, Glacier National Park, Revelstoke British Columbia

The Perley Rock trail is an incredible 13km round trip hiking adventure in the heart of Glacier National park near Revelstoke BC. It’s a difficult route that climbs 1200m of elevation with views overlooking the Illecillewaet Icefield, an incredible glacial lake, the Asulkan glacier, Abbot ridge & the hundreds of waterfalls firing into the valley. […]