The Best Backcountry/Ski Touring Bindings 2024

Welcome to the wild world of backcountry ski bindings. Ski touring bindings serve the same purpose of regular alpine ski bindings with one very important job, to allow you to walk uphill. Day’s backcountry skiing are primarily spent hiking uphill, not skiing. It’s near impossible to duck walk up entire mountains, so ski touring bindings […]

The Best Alpine Ski Bindings of 2024

Ski bindings are a piece of equipment too often overlooked by skiers. The typical buying process with bindings usually goes something like this….  You walk into the ski shop, see a sexy pair of fresh 2024 twigs with a gorgeous top sheet staring deeply into your eyes. You get pulled in like sirens calling a […]

Whistler Blackcomb Ski Resort Review & Mountain Guide

Over 2 million people visit Whistler annually, I’m one of those two million. Heck, it feels like I go a million times a year. Although it constantly tests my patience and burns a hole in my wallet, it makes winters so good. Let’s get real, how could I do a review series without reviewing the […]

Red Mountain Ski Resort Review & Guide

The entire town of Rossland lives and breathes powder skiing. I’m not sure you’ll come by another mountain with vibes and a community this good. It’s the kind of place you can find powder stashed 4 days after snowfall, the kind of place you can show up alone and leave with 2 new best ski […]

The Best Ski Helmets 2024

The Best Ski Helmets of 2024  Congratulations for being here. Seriously. It means you’re smart and want to protect your noggin’. Skiing and Snowboarding is the best hobby in the world, but, it’s inherently dangerous. You only get one brain and protecting that cerebellum is of the utmost importance when you’re skiing and riding.  Ski […]

The Best Ski Goggles of 2024

Ski Goggles 2024 Buyers Guide  The moment has finally come to hang up your trusty, or not so trusty ski goggles. Maybe you kissed a tree branch, lost them at the apres or stomped them to pieces frustrated with fogging. We’ve all ended up here for different reasons, but there’s one thing we can agree […]

Whitewater Resort Review & Ski Guide

Hey You. Are you looking for Canada’s driest and deepest tree skiing???  Well, say hello to my little friend… Whitewater Ski Resort. This place is heaven on earth. It’s situated in the Selkirk mountains, a 25 minute drive outside of Nelson, BC. It’s old school and hasn’t been affected by the ski industry monopolies (you […]

Kicking Horse Mountain Resort Ski Review & Guide

Puckered. That’s probably the best word to describe Kicking Horse Mountain Resort. This place is absolutely bonkers and is a steep freaks heaven. There are 85 marked chutes, even more cliff drops, and a few seasons worth of exploration for adventurous skiers and boarders. Kicking Horse is the wild west of British Columbia resort skiing […]

Revelstoke Mountain Resort Ski Review & Guide

Revelstoke Mountain Resort. It’s been the talk of the town the last 5 years with a lot of pro riders and powder maniacs making the powder pilgrimage and flopping themselves between the Selkirk mountains. It’s known for its vertical drop, deep, dry and bottomless powder days and the endless backcountry terrain just a stones throw […]