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The Best Bib Ski Pants 2024

Bib pants are the absolute best. There’s no argument here. It’s a matter of fact. Once you go bib you never go back.

With the rise in ‘Bibber’s (I don’t think anyone calls themselves that). Let’s try that again… With the popularity of bib pants increasing among skiers, companies have been scrambling to meet the demand. But, not all brands make ski bibs the same. Here are my top bib ski pants picks for 2024 that will actually stand up to the needs of hard chargers who care about functionality, quality and style.

The best bib pants of 2024 for skiers & snowboarders


Planks Charger 2-Layer Bib Pant

Planks is a lesser known ski brand that fills the technical bib pant needs of the industries rowdiest skier. They’ve nailed pant length, bagginess and storage pockets. They are called ‘Charger’ for a reason. These bibs are for skiers who treat the mountain like a personal playground and wear yard sales on their smiles at the apres. The Charger will protect you from the mountains wackiest mood swings, keeping your limbs drier than the desert. They are made with the planet in mind using a 20k/20k membrane out of recycled materials, it’s magic. Whether you’re a backcountry explorer, a piste cruiser, or a tree turner, the Charger is a game changing bib that won’t let you down. The only downside is you’re about to have so many storage pockets and zippers you’re going to forget where you’re storing the goodies. Get on some planks and get charging.



FlyLow Baker Bib

FlyLow is another brand that has grown in popularity in the last decade thanks to their award winning Baker Bib. The Baker Bib is the bomber of all bib pants. It’s robust, functional and are so stylish they can make the ugliest of men look like the David Beckham of skiing. They’ve got 20k/20k 3-layer protection that can be trusted on the wildest of powder days. FlyLow is so confident in their product they tell you to stand in the shower and watch the water bead of their beautiful bib pants. My favourite part about FlyLow is that they offer pants in tall sizes. I’m a guy with a small waist that likes long/baggy ski pants that sit right down on my boot heel. These are the first pants I’ve found that are long enough and don’t leave me swimming in my ski bib.




I’m telling the Trewth when I tell you that these pants are pretty rad. The Trewth bib is the OG that put the TREW brand on the map in 2008. After a decade of design tweaking, a few mulligans in the fluffy stuff, and countless debates about pocket placement, they’ve got it nailed. You don’t have to make sacrifices with TREW bibs, they’re like the fairy godmother of comfort and weatherproof wizardry. Hell, the Trewth Primo is known to fit so nice you might mistake it for your PJ’s. This bib isn’t just a garment, it’s a walking talking storage unit. There’s pockets for everything, and for a camera freak like me, every extra storage pocket counts. TREW offers sweet variation in sizes for the tall lads and the bigger boys so you can dial in a fit that works right for you.


Burton [ak] Cyclic GORE-TEX 2L Bib Pants 

Burton isn’t just reserved for snowboarders, their gear slaps and skiers can absolutely rep it too. The [ak] series is a cult classic among the best of snow sports athletes. It’s not only comfy but it will keep you protected from whatever elements ULLR throws at you. Burton has had decades to test their stormproof materials and dial in all the features you need for a day in the park or pow. The [ak] rarely disappoints.


North Face Freedom Bib Pants

If you’re not convinced that you’re going to love bib pants. The freedom is a super affordable way to dip your toes into the world of bib pant’s. This isn’t the North Face’s primo model like the Ceptor, but it will still keep you more than satisfied on the ski resort. The Freedom is waterproof, breathable and has just enough pockets to store all the mountain essentials. For the ski resort, these things are mint. However, the Freedom are lacking for the backcountry. There’s just not enough venting. When you’re climbing in the backcountry your quads will be begging for breathing room with outer thigh zips (which the freedom do not have). But, if you spend most of your time riding chairs and charging downhill, you can’t go wrong with a little Freedom.



You can’t miss with any of these brands bib pants for skiing or snowboarding. And remember, once you go bib you never go back.

See ya out there and Stay Spicy! 

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