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5 Reasons Why All Skiers Should Wear Bib Pants

Once you go bib you never go back! 

I’d like to call this an ‘age-old debate: bib pants vs. regular ski pants.’ Unfortunately, there’s nothing to argue. It’s not a matter of fashion; it’s about practicality, comfort, and keeping snow out of places it definitely shouldn’t be. Bib pants reign supreme on all fronts. If you not wearing them yet, you will be after this blog post. Buckle up, or should I say strap in, as we delve into the unparalleled superiority of bib pants for skiing and snowboarding. 


Superior Insulation: Turning Your Body into A Burrito 

Why have one shell layer over your core when you can have two! Bib pants are like a snug cocoon of warmth encapsulating your core and locking in all that wonderful heat from your layering system. I absolutely love the feeling of tucking my base layers into my long johns and having my mid layer under my bib. With bib pants, you’ll become a walking, talking, toasty burrito of warmth ready to conquer the mountain no matter the weather. 


Marriott Basin Ski Touring, Duffy Lake, Pemberton BC
Even on a summit I’m toasty warm

Increased Comfort: Say no to the ski pant wedgie 

Say goodbye to pants that ride up the wrong places and strip you of your ski mobility. We all struggle enough with flexibility, and it sucks when your ski pants make matters worse. With bibs, you’ll quickly become a master of mobility. It’s rare that a ski company can actually dial in your inseam and make pants that are comfortable on your crotch. I’m a reasonably tall guy and finding a good pant fit is impossible. I like to low ride my pants a little bit and thanks to the adjustable shoulder straps you can let your bibs lower than the biggest park rats on the mountain. This adjustability is simply a game changer and makes long days skiing that much more comfortable. Say no to the ski pant wedgie.


Enjoying a wedgie free sunset in my bib pants

Keep Snow Where It Belongs: Outside!

Snow in all the wrong places? No thank you! Bibs are the fortress that shields you from the dreaded snow invasion during epic powder days or even those not-so-graceful yard sales. You’ll be grateful when you’re down on the snow but not finding it in your pants afterward. Powder skirts always ride up on jackets and once you’re wet, its hard to warm up. Keeping snow where it belongs honestly makes you feel, Invincible! 


No matter how deep the pow gets it’s not getting in my pants

More Storage, More Power!

Chest pockets on bib pants? Talk about a game-changer! They’re not just for style; they’re a treasure trove of functionality. Perfect for stashing essentials during ski touring or spring outings when a jacket might be overkill. Plus, they’re a haven for keeping your tech gadgets alive and your lunch, well, semi-warm (or at least not frozen solid).

Style: Elevating the Après 

Ah, the après scene, where jackets disappear, and bib pants can strut their style. Sure, they might come in and out of trend like your favorite playlist, but once you’ve experienced the functionality, there’s no going back. Who needs regular ski pants when you can make a statement with the unparalleled coolness of bib pants? They’re not just gear; they’re a fashion statement that says, “I ski powder & I’m here for a good time”



Once You Go Bib You Never Go Back 

So there you have it, folks! Bib pants are not just an accessory; they’re a lifestyle. They are warmth, freedom, storage, and style all rolled into one fabulous and usually overpriced article of clothing. If you haven’t taken the leap into the world of bibs yet, it might just be time to elevate your skiing game and join the bib brigade!

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