Hiking the Hermit Trail – Glacier National Park, BC

Hiking the Hermit Trail, Guide & Map, Hermit Trail Glacier National Park BC

No trip to Glacier National Park is complete without punishing your quads on the Hermit trail! The Hermit trail is a glorious hiking route which is very popular among backpackers looking for the perfect day hike or one night camping opportunity in the park. I would like to rename it  ‘Hermit’s Staircase’ as it makes […]

Cirque Lake Trail, Whistler BC – Hiking Map & Guide

Cirque Lake Trail, Whistler BC, Hiking Whistler

Cirque Lake. Have you ever heard of it. Probably not! It’s an absolute must do day-trip or overnight destination. It experiences much less traffic than most other trails in the sea to sky/Whistler area and offers very easy access to get deep into the wilderness. It is breathtaking and there are miles and miles of […]

Hiking the Perley Rock Trail – Glacier National Park, BC

Perley Rock hiking trail in, Glacier National Park, Revelstoke British Columbia

The Perley Rock trail is an incredible 13km round trip hiking adventure in the heart of Glacier National park near Revelstoke BC. It’s a difficult route that climbs 1200m of elevation with views overlooking the Illecillewaet Icefield, an incredible glacial lake, the Asulkan glacier, Abbot ridge & the hundreds of waterfalls firing into the valley. […]

Cheam Peak Trail Map & Hiking Guide – Chilliwack, BC

Mount Cheam Trail, Cheam Peak Hiking Trail in Chilliwack BC

When most of us think of the Fraser Valley, we think of farmland. But think again! Next time you’re in Chilliwack look up and you’ll see a host of peaks hiding in the horizon. The Cheam Range is an alpine paradise just 45 minutes away from the Chilliwack town centre. Cheam Peak is the most […]

Hiking the High-Note Trail to Russet Lake – Whistler Hiking Guide & Map

Musical Bumps, High Note Trail, Russet Lake Hike

If you’re looking for the best marked day hiking adventure in Whistler, congratulations, You’ve Found It. Get ready for twenty three straight kilometres of alpine hiking bliss showcasing the Garibaldi Provincial Parks epic peaks, enormous glaciers, alpine meadows and alpine lakes. The High Note trail by itself is simply amazing, but, the fun doesn’t stop […]

Hiking the Mount Harvey Trail – Lions Bay, BC

Hiking Mount Harvey, Vancouver BC, Lions Bay BC, Sea To Sky Hiking

Nothing beats a hike close to home! The Mount Harvey trail is a rite of passage for any Lower Mainland hiker but, is not for the faint of heart. Tucked nearby to Vancouver, this knee shatteringly steep trail gains 1260m of elevation in approximately 5.6km. Pain and suffering is the price of admission but the […]

Abbot Ridge Trail Guide | Glacier National Park, BC, Canada

Abbot Ridge Trail Hiking, Glacier National Park Canada

The Abbot Ridge trail is a complete and utter stunner from start to finish. It exhibits all the goodness Glacier National Park has to offer, packed into a single day hike. The trail climbs relentlessly at the beginning but, you won’t even notice the 1400m elevation gain as you’ll be so awestruck by the 360 […]

Hollyburn Peak Hiking, Snowshoe & Skiing Guide | Cypress Provincial Park

Hollyburn Mountain is a staple Vancouver adventure and is the perfect place to escape from the city if you only have a few hours. The trailhead is located beside the Cypress mountain ski resort and is one of the most gorgeous places to watch a winters sunset. I make it a yearly habit to pick […]

The 5 Best Easy Hikes & Walks in Squamish, BC

Hiking is an amazing activity because it is accessible to people of all fitness abilities and skill levels, any time of the year. Everyone can hike! It isn’t an activity reserved solely for those who want to spend long grueling days scaling mountains. Hiking is simply defined as the act of walking through terrains with […]

6 Amazing Intermediate Day Hikes in Whistler & Squamish

Hiking is the absolute best way to get recharge on the weekend. It enables you to have new and amazing experiences all while getting exercise and fresh air.  Nothing is more satisfying than getting up early, knocking out an amazing hike and getting on with your day! Below I’ve listed 6 fantastic intermediate hiking trails […]