How To Layer For Skiing & Snowboarding

Resort, Backcountry and Nordic skiers all share one common challenge. How to layer to keep yourself at that perfect body temp all day long! It is such a challenge to regulate your temperature when you are clipped into your skis. I’ve had years of practice layering and I still manage to find myself swimming in […]

BC’s Best Backpacking Guide to Garibaldi Lake, Panorama Ridge and Black Tusk

Almost entirely surrounded by ex-volcanic peaks, fed by the Sphinx and Sentinel glaciers, Garibaldi Lake, the turquoise heart of Garibaldi Provincial Park beats 1500m above sea level. Anyone with Instagram or a good old hiking book has seen pictures of this alpine heaven. I know, these photos probably look amazing. But trust me, they can’t […]

Backcountry Survival Kit Essentials

Having the proper survival gear with you could save your life if you run into some trouble in the backcountry. Everyone has their own preference in terms of weight and the safety gear they like to carry. At a minimum, regardless of your abilities and no matter the length of your wilderness adventure you should […]

Brandywine Mountain Trail Whistler, BC

Quick Summary The upper trailhead to the Brandywine meadows and summit is one of my favourite adventures in the region. A great 4×4 drive, a picturesque green meadow with many clear river runoffs flowing through the grass ending with a steep climb to the ridge and summit opening up unparalleled views of the Callaghan valley […]

Learn To Ski “Cheap”

  Time to get started! Maybe you recently watched “All.I.Can” or you’ve been watching ski clips on YouTube for years. You can just imagine yourself tossing cork 1080’s to the tune of Sail. Let’s face it…. It’s time for you to get out there. Although you won’t be riding like the pro’s yet, there is […]