The Sunshine Coast Trail – Complete Hiking Guide, Maps & Itineraries

The Sunshine Coast Hut-to-Hut Hiking Trail (SCT) is a 180-kilometer backcountry hiking trail located in Powell River, British Columbia. It’s Canada’s longest Hut-to-Hut hiking trail and it’s completely free! It spans North-South from Sarah Point in Desolation Sound meandering back to the ferry Terminal in Saltery Bay. The terrain on the SCT is absolutely breathtaking […]

The Cape Scott Trail Hiking Guide, ‘Everything You Need to Know’

Guise Bay, Cape Scott Provincial Park, Cape Scott Overnight Hike

The Cape Scott Provincial Park highlights the absolute best of Vancouver island. The 48km (out and back trail) journeys across breathtaking coastline, white sand beaches, dense coastal rainforest and showcases the best of West Coast wildlife. It’s an unforgettable journey that  follows the rugged remains of wagon trails left behind by Danish Settlers in the […]

How to Hike the Juan De Fuca Trail – ‘Everything you need to know’

The Juan De Fuca Marine Trail (JDF) is a Vancouver Island coastal hiking classic. The route stretches 47km along the spectacular Western Shoreline of the Southern Island. It’s a coastal hikers dream and days on the trail are filled with unbelievable beach crossings, dense rainforest, abundant wildlife and non-stop crashing waves. The JDF is well […]

Tin Hat Mountain Hut Loop Hike | Sunshine Coast Trail | Powell River, BC

Tin Hat Hut Hike, Sunshine Coast Trail, Powell River BC

The breathtaking 360° panoramic views atop Tin Hat Mountain are one of the major highlights on the  Sunshine Coast Trail (SCT). The SCT spans 180km and weaves in and out of coastal communities enabling hikers easy access to many different sections. This means you can choose your own adventure and hike anywhere along the SCT […]

Hiking to Landslide Lake via Elk River Trail – Vancouver Island, BC

Landslide Lake hike, Strathcona Park, British Columbia via Elk River Trail

Tucked beneath Mt Colonel Foster (the fourth highest peak on Vancouver Island), sits the ever so gorgeous, Landslide Lake. It’s the perfect spot for a cool down on a hot day and the larger than life rocky backdrop is a dream for photographers. The trail is moderate and can be attempted by all skill levels. […]

5040 Peak via Cobalt Lake – #1 hike near Tofino

5040 Peak is hands down one of the greatest lesser trafficked hikes on Vancouver Island. It’s named after its elevation, towering above the Pacific Ocean at 1,324m or 5040 feet.  The short and steep trail rewards you greatly with insane 360° views of the mountains, Cobalt lake and even a little bit of the ocean. […]

Coast Trail – East Sooke Regional Park, BC

Coast Trail, East Sooke Provincial Park

Jagged coastline, turquoise blue water, crashing waves and dark rainforest await you on the East Sooke Coast trail. This hike is truly magnificent and offers some of the most accessible and unbelievable views of the Strait of Juan De Fuca and the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State. The trail is extremely memorable and I would […]