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The Jurassic Ridge & Murrin Loop Trail (Hiking in Squamish BC)

If you’re a Vancouver local who plays in the Sea to Sky area Murrin Provincial Park is likely on your radar, but, probably for all the wrong reasons. You may know Murrin park as that random little lake on Hwy 99 that seems so weirdly busy and where traffic always seems to stack up. However, the park is not only good for picnicking, swimming and fishing at Browning Lake. It is loaded with cool rock climbing routes and more importantly is home to a fantastic hiking loop.

The Jurassic Ridge and Murrin Park Loop trail is short and sweet. It rewards hikers with numerous unbeatable viewpoints of Howe sound. Hiking is probably the least popular activity in Murrin Park so you will likely have the ridge portion of the trail all to yourself. The trail itself is short, but there are some steep rock portions up/down the ridge including a few rope sections. It’s nothing overly challenging but the terrain makes this hike intermediate in difficulty. As always I would recommend you wear a pair of hiking boots. For those who want something easier you can bypass the ridge and continue on the Murrin Loop which has a fabulous view at Brian’s Lookout.

The Jurassic Ridge and Murrin Park Loop trail leads to multiple viewpoints, and in my opinion, some of the best benches, picnic areas and spots to take a photo in the Sea to Sky Corridor.


Remember the Backcountry Basics


The Breakdown

Distance (Round Trip)2.4km
Elevation Gain 160m
Time (Round Trip)1-3 hours
Dogs Yes - On Leash (Not allowed in Lake or on Beaches)
Camping No
Season Year Round
Difficulty Moderate


Driving Directions

Murrin Park is located 9.5km south of Squamish along the Sea to Sky Highway (Hwy 99).



The Route


From the trail map in the parking lot, continue on the trail to the right side of Browning Lake. The lake will be busy with picnickers in the summer months, but don’t worry, the trail should be very quiet. After around 300m there will be a trail to the right with signs to ‘Jurassic Ridge’, ‘Loop Trail’ and ‘Quercus’ viewpoint. Upon leaving the Browning lake area you will begin to climb uphill slightly then downhill arriving at another junction. Stay right following the Murrin Loop Trail in a

counter clockwise fashion.

Browning Lake, Murrin Provincial Park
Browning Lake

There are usually lots of rock climbers hidden in the forest so take a look for ropes on the rocks and see if you can spot them playing around on the many crags in the forest. You will reach a junction, go left to the Quercus viewpoint which offers a stunning view of Browning Lake and Howe Sound.

The Quercus viewpoint on the Murrin Provincial Park Hiking the Jurassic Ridge Trail
The Quercus Viepoint

The views of Howe Sound only get better! Walk back to the main trail and after a few hundred meters branch off to the right for Jurassic ridge. This is where the fun begins. You are going to gain some more elevation worming your way up the rocks through the forest. The trail turns to the left and you will be on the rocky ridge getting glimpses of Howe Sound through the tree branches. Make sure you keep your eyes on the trail markers because alternate/accidentally walked paths make things confusing.

Murrin Provincial Park Hiking the Jurassic Ridge Trail


You will begin to descend down the rocks and will arrive at the first phenomenal viewpoint. Once you’ve taken your fair share of pictures continue down the rock until you reach yet another unbelievable viewpoint.

Murrin Provincial Park Hiking the Jurassic Ridge Trail

Murrin Provincial Park Hiking the Jurassic Ridge Trail

Murrin Provincial Park Hiking the Jurassic Ridge Trail
A helpful ladder built into the rocks
Murrin Provincial Park Hiking the Jurassic Ridge Trail
Some Ropes for assistances

After the second viewpoint the steep descent continues, there are some ropes along the way and a ladder to assist you. You will reach a junction with the ‘Cedars’ trail, continue on the Jurassic Ridge Trail towards ‘Brian’s Lookout’. Brian’s lookout is beautiful and a great spot to stop for a snack or an adult beverage, if you brought one along.

Murrin Provincial Park Hiking the Jurassic Ridge Trail
Brians Viewpoint

Brian’s Lookout is the last view of Howe Sound that you will get before heading back into the forest, becoming the Murrin Loop trail once again, passing by the Cereal Killers, Marc Andre’s and Petrifying climbing walls. The trail will spit you back out at Browning Lake where you began. If it’s a hot summers day, then it’s definitely time for a swim!


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Dogs are allowed on leash in the trails. However, dogs are not allowed on the lakes or beaches in the park.

Typically it will take hikers anywhere from 1-2 hours. But, if you decide to stop for a beer on one of the benches (which I would personally recommend) then it will take a bit longer.

Hiking boots are recommended because of the steep, rooty and rocky terrain.

Murrin Park is located 9.5km south of Squamish along the Sea to Sky Highway (Hwy 99).

Absolutely. Hiking in Murrin Provincial Park is a great option for months when trails at higher altitudes are covered in snowfall.

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Next time you’re driving near Squamish and have an hour to spare. Tie on your hiking boots and check out this awesome gem of a trail.

Happy Hiking!

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