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Hiking The 4 Lakes Trail | Alice Lake Provincial Park | Squamish BC

Alice Lake Provincial Park 4 Lakes Trail

Alice Lake Provincial park is an amazing recreation hot-spot year round. It’s tucked beautifully into the dense forest and in-between the snow-capped mountains. On hot summers days the lake gets lots of sunshine and swimmers, paddlers and fisherman flock to its shores for some fun on the water.

Off the water there are a few great hiking, walking and mountain biking options. The 4 lakes trail is the best hiking option in the park for those looking for an easy/moderate adventure. The hiking loop directs you through 6km of trail past 4 beautiful lakes. The elevation gain is very minimal and the trail is exceptionally maintained with very easy footing. This is a great hiking option for those looking for something quick and don’t want to commit to a lengthy day hike in the sea to sky area.


Remember the Backcountry Basics


The Breakdown

Distance (Round Trip)6km
Elevation Gain 142m
Time (Round Trip)2-3 hours
Dogs Yes
Camping Yes (Alice Lake Provincial Campground)
Season Year Round
Difficulty Easy
Remoteness Well Trafficked
Highest Point313m


Directions to Alice Lake Provincial Park

Alice Lake is located a 12 minute drive North on the Sea to Sky highway (BC-99 N) from downtown Squamish. There is great signage before the turnoff on the right to Alice Lake Road. Follow signs towards the Parks Office and park on the side of Alice Lake Road to the left by the Stump Lake Trailhead.


The Route


The trail is best hiked beginning at Stump lake and ending at Alice Lake. From the parking area to Stump Lake the walk is only about 2 minutes. Follow the 4 lakes trail signs looping around the north end of Stump Lake.

Alice Lake Provincial Park 4 Lakes Trail

Alice Lake Provincial Park 4 Lakes Trail - Stump Lake
Stump Lake

The trail will lead you to the right and you will begin to climb up through the beautiful forest. You will be gaining about 100m of elevation over the next kilometer. Continue following the 4 lakes trail towards Fawn Lake.


Alice Lake Provincial Park 4 Lakes Trail


At the 2.5km mark you will reach a junction, take a right down towards Fawn lake. Fawn lake was my favourite of the three lakes, it is undisturbed, natural and I found it to feel extremely relaxing.

Alice Lake Provincial Park 4 Lakes Trail
Fawn Lake

Continue back down the 4 Lakes Trail towards Edith Lake. Edith lake is larger than Fawn lake but has that same untouched feel that makes it so calming and beautiful.


Alice Lake Provincial Park 4 Lakes Trail
Edith Lake

Finally, head down the trail towards the fourth and final lake, Alice Lake. The last portion of the trail will be a steep downhill until you arrive at the day use parking lot. When you get to the lake feel free to jump straight off the dock into the beautiful water.


Alice Lake Provincial Park 4 Lakes Trail

Alice Lake Provincial Park 4 Lakes Trail


Follow the trail around the left or right side of Alice Lake to loop back to the parking area where you left your vehicle near Stump Lake. As you walk around the lake look up to the sky and see if you can see the mountaintops poking out from the different vantage points between the foliage.

Happy Hiking!


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