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Brohm Lake Loop & Tantalus Viewpoint Hike, Squamish BC

Brohm Lake is well known as one of Squamish’s favourite summer cool down spots. Locals love to lounge, float, swim, rope swing and cliff jump into the refreshing lake. The lake is only a quick walk from the parking lot making it a super easy spot to pop down for a swim when returning or embarking on adventure somewhere else along the highway.

The park is also very well known for its fantastic network of moderate hiking trails. There are many different distances and loops to choose from when exploring the park. This is a great area for hikers of all skill levels and will stimulate trail users with beautiful forests, glassy lakes and fantastic mountain views at the Tantalus viewpoint. It won’t take up your whole day and is the perfect option to get fresh air and exercise in the morning or afternoon.


Remember the Backcountry Basics


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The Breakdown

Distance (Round Trip)5.5km
Elevation Gain 175m
Time (Round Trip)1-3 hours
Dogs Yes
Camping No
Season Year Round
Difficulty Easy
Remoteness Moderate
Highest Point404m



Brohm Lake is located a 15 minute drive North on the Sea to Sky highway (BC-99 N) from downtown Squamish.


The Route


The trail begins just past the signs on the south side of the parking lot. Within the first 25m you will be able to spot Brohm Lake by climbing up and down the rocks to your right.

Brohm Lake Trail, Squamish BC


Find your way back to the path and continue down the trail with the highway to your left. There is a marshy creek/lake looking area to your right and you will follow the wooden bridge across it.  I love the way this lake looks with the bulrushes and grass poking out of its still water.


Brohm Lake Trail, Squamish BC


Shortly after the bridge you will be swallowed by the dense forest and reach a conjunction. Follow the trail to the left. The path is very well walked and footing is a breeze. The mossy forest looks unbelievable with the light poking through the trees and if you’re hiking it in the winter time the white snow contrasted on the deep green forest is gorgeous.


Brohm Lake Trail, Squamish BC

Brohm Lake Trail, Squamish BC


At about the 1km mark you will reach a convergence with the Alder trail, stay to the right. A few hundred steps later you will reach another junction with the high trail, again, follow it to the right. You will arrive at a signpost marking the Connector and Brohm lake Trail. Look to your left and follow the trail past the small little pond to the right until you reach the junction for the Tantalus View Trail Lookout.


Brohm Lake Trail, Squamish BC

Brohm Lake Trail, Squamish BC


This is the most challenging part of the trail and is a steep 200m climb to the top involving a few rocks and some steep stairs. When you arrive up top, if the clouds are cooperating, you will be able to see a fabulous view of the Tantalus Mountain Range. There is also a cool little hut at the top, I’m not sure of its history, but I’m guessing it used to be a fire lookout or weather watch tower of sorts due to all of the windows on its sides.


Brohm Lake Trail, Squamish BC

Brohm Lake Trail, Squamish BC


Once you’ve enjoyed the beautiful views at the top head back down the stairs and follow the Brohm Lake trail. You will continue walking along the west side of the lake and get some peeks of the lake through the trees. If you’re careful you can hike out onto the steep rock bluffs near the lakeside for a better view.


Brohm Lake Trail, Squamish BC


You will converge with some other trails as you make your way along the Brohm Lake Trail, stay on the rightmost well walked trail as you loop back around to the eastern side of the lake. You can either take the trail closest to the lake when heading to the parking lot or walk the one a tad higher up.


Brohm Lake Trail, Squamish BC

Brohm Lake Trail, Squamish BC


If it’s a hot summers day don’t forget to stop for a refreshing dip in the water.

Happy Hiking!





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